Hello, Thank you for responding to one of my ads.  I am looking to help develop individuals to learn how to design/Develop websites.

Why would you want to learn to develop websites?

A.  At the minimum you can call upon companies that don’t have a website now and design for them a 3-page site in 2 hours with a custom header and place them 1st page or close to 1st page on google.  You will be able to charge a minimum of $100.  Help out 2 companies a day get a basic web presence and over 250 working days a year that’s $50,000 additional.  My $99 web page design page is www.99WordPress.com

B.  I will teach you how to develop your web page to capture and CONVERT clients who are HIGHLY interested in the product line.  Depending on your time you will have between 5-25+ people each day to follow up upon.  Your not selling them on the product … their already sold … your their to help them choose which product is best for them.  Inbound Marketing.  You website you will learn in 7-10 days how to design, through my 7 day web designer bootcamp, will tell them everything they need to know.  But they always just want to hear it from a person.

Why Inbound Marketing Works
Benefits of Inbound Marketing
Why Is Inbound Marketing So Awesome

To learn how to develop a intermediate level website is great but the money is made in CONVERSION.

Why Optimize For Conversion
Why Site Conversion Is Important
Why Inbound Marketing Works

Things you will learn:

Develop a dynamic Word Press website (1/3 of the worlds websites are WP)
Training will touch in these area’s:

» Blog Training
» Branding Strategies
» Facebook Training
» Google Training
» LinkedIn Training
» Pinterest Training
» Prospecting Training
» SEO Training
» Social Bookmarking
» Twitter Training
» Yelp Training
» YouTube Training
» Training Webinars
» Social Media Training

I qualify 2 people per week to work with.  This year I am moving a VERY popular product.
Shoot me out your resume if you have one or why you want to learn Web Design.  Trust me when I say I have wasted ALOT of time on uncommitted people who want to be spoon fed and have me design their pages for them.  THAT WONT HAPPEN.  Pardon me if you find my screening process abit too much but I help people make great money INITIALLY in their spare non productive time.  I will make 7%-8% of what you make but it wont come out of your pocket.  THAT’S MY INCENTIVE.  I  have helped over 250 people and I want to get to 1000.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Matt Garrett
Web Designer Trainer




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